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Universal Centrifuge

  • Model No.:PLC-012/012E/012BP/024
  • Certification:ISO 9001 ,GMP ,FDA ,CE
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Key Features

Certified centrifuge manufacturers.
- Select various types of rotors that allow you to process different size of tubes. - Safety locking latch and inter switch shut out motor automatically when lid is opened during operation. - Operate in a various speed control by turning the control knob from 0 – 12000 rpm for PLC-012 series, while max 3500rpm is operated for PLC-024. - Speed is varied with the corresponding types of rotors. (9 types of rotor heads are for your selection) - PLC-012E features electronic timer and tachometer with LED digital set and display - Rotor H-2415 (24 tubes of 15ml) is solely for PLC-024 only. - Stainless steel chamber easy for clean

Product Certification: